About Bohemian Soul

Bohemian Soul is a travel and positive lifestyle company that aims to help people live their dreams and travel the world. We believe that travel is good for the soul, and with our services and blog, we hope to help people realize it’s more affordable, attainable, and important than they ever imagined.

What is a “bohemian”? The word refers to those who live without regard for conventional rules or standards. They value individualism, truth, consciousness, peace, love, art, culture, nature, and above all else, freedom. It’s very common for them to be an artist, writer or creator of some sort. Often, they possess a greater need than most for spiritual fulfillment and a higher purpose in life. The urge to travel and explore is inherent for these individuals, and is essential to their wellbeing and happiness.

“There are people who want to travel, people who like to travel, and then there are those of us who NEED to travel.”

This is for all the bohemians, free spirits, wanderers, gypsies, vagabonds, nomads, wanderlusts, and anyone in love with the world.