How to Manifest Mastery in 2018

As we approach the new year in just a few weeks, I am taking some time to begin my sacred end-of-year reflection routine – which I have outlined in detail in what I now realize is probably the most valuable post I’ll ever write. You can find that post here and I urge everyone to check it out so you can create a new year ritual of your own. I am writing this post in supplement to that older post, simply because I truly cannot stress enough how important this process is in manifesting your dreams and goals. I attribute all of my successes and accomplishments to it and I promise you that it works.

I often get the same comments and questions from people regarding how I seem to live life to its fullest and manifest everything I want. When people ask me my secret, this is it. When people tell me I inspire them, this is how. When people wonder why they can’t get results, this is why. It really is that powerful and profound!

In all honesty, I am no different or better than anyone else. Like all of you, my life has been full of ups and downs. If I shared with you the story of my early life, many of you would not recognize who I once was. If I told you some of the things I have been through, some of you may not even believe me. My life was not always fun, glamorous, and filled with travels; and I was not always a positive and happy person like I am now. But in recent years, life definitely keeps getting better for me. And it’s all because of the powerful lessons I am mastering on living intentionally and manifesting dreams one by one.

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New Year Reflections

There is something so exciting and magical about a new year. I know that January 1st is just another day for some. And for others, those “new year, new me” resolutions usually don’t make it halfway through January. But it’s undeniable that there is a tremendous shift of momentum as one calendar year ends and another begins. Although nothing actually changes but the date, for many of us it becomes a time for new beginnings, transformation, and endless possibilities… a chance to put the past behind us and start fresh. We often feel a powerful surge in motivation and inspiration, so it’s the perfect time to end bad habits, start new routines, commit to goals, and set intentions that will lead us to great things.

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