How to Manifest Mastery in 2018

As we approach the new year in just a few weeks, I am taking some time to begin my sacred end-of-year reflection routine – which I have outlined in detail in what I now realize is probably the most valuable post I’ll ever write. You can find that post here and I urge everyone to check it out so you can create a new year ritual of your own. I am writing this post in supplement to that older post, simply because I truly cannot stress enough how important this process is in manifesting your dreams and goals. I attribute all of my successes and accomplishments to it and I promise you that it works.

I often get the same comments and questions from people regarding how I seem to live life to its fullest and manifest everything I want. When people ask me my secret, this is it. When people tell me I inspire them, this is how. When people wonder why they can’t get results, this is why. It really is that powerful and profound!

In all honesty, I am no different or better than anyone else. Like all of you, my life has been full of ups and downs. If I shared with you the story of my early life, many of you would not recognize who I once was. If I told you some of the things I have been through, some of you may not even believe me. My life was not always fun, glamorous, and filled with travels; and I was not always a positive and happy person like I am now. But in recent years, life definitely keeps getting better for me. And it’s all because of the powerful lessons I am mastering on living intentionally and manifesting dreams one by one.

Ever since I started this yearly routine, I realize that each year of my life has held a theme (for those who’ve known or followed me for a while, I’m sure you will be able to recognize or recall much of this):

2013 was the beginning of my transformation. I lost the most important person in my life, my grandma, which is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with hands down. But out of this darkness, I became SO committed to make every moment count in her honor and memory. So I learned to live in the present moment and enjoy every minute of life. I shed negative energy and negative people as much as I could, to make room for an unapologetically positive lifestyle.

2014 was about determination. I worked harder than ever before in my career and completed my education, while at the same time I explored vigorously and traveled to 12 countries! I learned a LOT about balance.

2015 was all about spiritual evolution. I moved to Hawai’i and it completely awakened my soul. I figured out who I am and what I am here for, and it was the most unbelievably powerful period of self-discovery and growth. I felt so connected to my spirit, to the universe, and to this beautiful earth that it actually felt like an enlightenment.

2016 was about self love, which is truly the foundation for EVERYTHING. It was quite a roller coaster of a year with some very dark moments and hard times, but I learned to love myself unconditionally… which coincidentally brought me to attract my soul mate into my life.

Then 2017 was about self care. I married this soul mate of mine, made some of the happiest memories of my life, and we moved to California… all the while I dealt with some humbling reminders to slow down and take care of myself. I also truly learned just how powerful the tool of manifesting (via the Law of Attraction) can be and it was life-changing.

Now I realize all these themes all go together and fit a grand plan. One by one I learned each important lesson and it was in no way a coincidence!

So… What is Next?

So the theme for 2018 to tie all this together is MASTERY as inspired by Organic Olivia. With all these important themes and lessons under my belt, it’s time to really MASTER all of my goals including some I have not been able to conquer yet. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m determined to make 2018 the best yet. I just have this great feeling it’s going to be an amazing year for so many of us.

While I live to be an inspiration for others, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you, besides a lack of planning. You’ve got to spend some time on not only you and your goals, but on the road map to actually achieving and manifesting those goals. The small investment in time and effort pays off endlessly. I am living proof.

I want to help others to experience this joy and happiness of living according to their purpose and following their dreams. That is why I started this blog – to inspire and encourage others to travel the world and live their dreams. But now I realize that it is time to take this a step further. So part of my mastery in 2018 is I will begin working ferociously on transitioning my career completely from my 9-5 day job to align with my true purpose – getting a book written and published, launching my travel business, and beginning to offer coaching and speaking services to share my story and inspire as many as I can. I’ve been lucky to be inspired by great friends like Rosetta Thurman, who I see changing lives with these techniques to change your mindset and live with intention. So it is only right that I pay it forward as well.

I have no idea whether this time next year I will have my book written, be taking clients, and maybe even quit my day job to focus on this full-time as I hope to. But the point is that I am setting these goals and intentions, and willing to work very hard towards achieving them, so anything is possible! As I reflect back and benchmark where I was last year, I had no idea that today I would be sitting here as a married woman living in California with a completely different job and life, or that I would be diagnosed with vertigo and vestibular migraines, which has caused me so many unanticipated struggles and challenges. My story is a prime example of how life is this beautiful journey that takes us on many twists and turns. I do believe some things are beyond our control and simply a matter of fate. I also believe that we change and grow along the way. But ultimately, with planning, preparing, and most of all believing, we can certainly choose to pursue living the life we always dreamt of and feeling the happiness we all deserve.

I want to close this by thanking each and every one of my readers for your continual support. I send you all love and light, and wish you the very best for 2018. May it be a triumphant year of mastery for us all. I also hope each of you will take time to undergo this powerful reflection journey I have outlined in order to set yourself up for success in the new year.

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts, experiences or goals. What do you wish to master? I would love to discuss!


  1. Love your post! And I feel the exact same way about 2018!!Thanks for sharing and inspiring others. Cheers to our best year yet!

    Love and light to you my dear <3

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